KOOB Agentur für Public Relations GmbH

Now 46 years old, KOOB is probably Germany’s most experienced communication agency. We believe that this is especially valuable to our clients in a communication world that is spinning faster every day. During times of change it is the mark of good agencies that they have a stable internal compass with which they help their clients to separate the important from the unimportant, the effective from the ineffective, and perspective from dead end. We do this, and we also combine expert consultancy and service with the creative vibrancy of a young, personable team.

Facts and Figures

Year of foundation: 1969
Employees: 35
Managing Directors: Matthias Rosenthal, Markus Umbach, Peter Richter



Solinger Straße 13
D-45481 Mülheim/Ruhr
Tel. +49 208 4696 0