Services for clients

Dialogue is rapidly gaining significance in the increasingly complex communication market. Trust is becoming the most important unit of communicative currency.

GPRA agencies are aware of the importance of specific segments of the public and stakeholders and have acquired the skills necessary to initiate and conduct a dialogue. They shape opinion formation processes in public contexts and within organizations and companies. They build up and fortify trust and confidence.

They see themselves as guides for their clients, managing the specific know-how and communication disciplines required and at the same time guaranteeing quality and efficiency. As professional interest groups, they act in a transparent manner and in accordance with logically consistent professional ethics.

GPRA agencies particularly stand out in the following communication fields:
•    Reputation Management
•    Promoting Acceptance
•    Change Communication
•    Crisis and Issues Management
•    Internal Communication
•    Public Affairs
•    Campaigning
•    Social Media Relations
•    Litigation PR
•    Sales-Related Public Relations

All these activities have in common that they are geared to building up, gaining or maintaining trust. Trust is and remains a key variable of public relations. GPRA agencies are communication firms that have proven themselves on the market and have to demonstrate prior to their admission that they meet GPRA’s quality criteria.

The economic, strategic and subject matter related reasons for working in tandem with an external communication agency include:
•    flexible access in terms of time to the right resources and specialists or to specific sectors
•    coordination of international PR work
•    external view
•    consulting, planning, strategy and implementation from a single source
•    experience in other market segments and sectors
•    several years of experience and contacts to different media and social groups.

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